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LAVAL International
4965 Concession Road 8
Tecumseh, ON N0R 1K0
Phone: 519 737 1323


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Production Services

LAVAL Innovations Division has the capability to support all SMC Compression production needs. Whether you have short-term overcapacity needs or long-term production requirements, Innovations strives to provide a solution for you. Your production can be facilitated by one or more of our 4 hydraulic presses: 250 Ton, 500 Ton, 1,000 Ton and 2,000 Ton capacities.  You will find that Innovations delivers extremely competitive pricing based on our customers’ needs that can include the supply of SMC material, components, packaging materials and even tool amortization with in-house built tools. Our press availability is open to all customers and we offer:

  • Experienced processors and operators that will provide full turnkey tool and moulding services,
  • High up-time production with the availability of LAVAL’s mould division on site that can provide immediate and expertise repairs if required,
  • Highest quality in product and services,
  • Full production documentation packages,
  • Product quality management,
  • Secondary processes such as deflashing, customization, and assembly (fastening, bonding etc.),
  • WIP or finished goods packaging,
  • Strategically located facility just minutes to the Windsor-Detroit border crossing (I75, I96, I94) and the 401 corridor in Southwest Ontario,
  • Experience in: SMC moulding with inserts, in mould coating, thread forming actuation and all conventional SMC compression moulding techniques.  As well, experience extends to A-class and structural products/services for many industries including military, automotive service, heavy truck, industrial, building construction and food/beverage/pharmaceutical.

LAVAL Production Services